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We deliver our puppies all over the world

Ways of transporting our puppies

1.By Air Transport 

2.By Train 

3.The Car 

Transportation by air. 

We ship our puppies by courier of freight.

Carriage by courier 

Transportation by courier is most comfortable for the puppy, and is carried out in the cabin of the aircraft, under the care of the courier.

The courier during the flight will monitor your puppy so that he is as comfortable as possible during the flight.

Meeting with a courier to transfer your puppy takes place at the airport of your city.

Carriage of Cargo.

If you want to send your puppy unaccompanied, the puppy will fly in the luggage compartment, in the obligatory heated compartment for live cargo.

Aviation mode of delivery is not only the fastest demand, but also the least stressful for the puppy.

Rail transportation

Transportation is carried out only with the courier. For the puppy throughout the trip will be fed, watered and treated in every possible way.

This method is more stressful for the puppy than the air way.

Transportation by car

We deliver our puppies also in road transport.

Veterinary documents for the export of our puppies.

We also prepare permits for the export of our puppies abroad.

To fly to your country for a puppy to pass the customs control, you will need a certificate of form N1 or N4 and a veterinary passport.


For more information about the delivery of the puppy, you can write to us at Viber or What“s App

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